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1.Pregnancy Weight Management  懷孕體重管理
2.Gestational DM Control  妊娠糖尿控制
3.Postnatal Nutrition Care  產後營養調理
4.Food allergy test and advice 食物過敏檢測
5.Genetic nutrition consultation 基因體重營養管理
6.Weight Management  過重、過輕體重管理
7.Hypertension 高血壓
8.High Blood Lipid 高血脂
9.Diabetes 糖尿病
10.Gout 痛風
11.Constipation 便秘
12.Anemia 貧血
13.Malnutrition 營養不良
14.Osteoporosis 骨質疏鬆

Diet Plan


#Information provided on this web page is for reference only. As the health conditions of an individual is different from one another, the ways of treatments and the treatment results could vary among different individuals. Before choosing and receiving any treatments, consultation with your registered medical practitioners for professional advice is highly recommended.

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