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Counseling Psychologist

1.心理輔導: 產前、產後抑鬱 、情緒困擾及睡眠問題、感情煩惱、婚姻及家庭輔、導家庭職業、生涯發展、個人成長、藝術治療、兒童遊戲治療等

2.心理評估: 基因天賦評估及分析、性格評估、行為評估、老人認知評估、職業及生涯評估等


4.學齡教育:學生情緒及壓力管理、 SEN Training 幼兒童遊戲治療、資優生成長培養、職業及生涯發展、抗逆力訓練、家長育兒講座、溝通技巧工作坊及講座等



#Information provided on this web page is for reference only. As the health conditions of an individual is different from one another, the ways of treatments and the treatment results could vary among different individuals. Before choosing and receiving any treatments, consultation with your registered medical practitioners for professional advice is highly recommended.

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